Solid Wood Interior doors

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About Us

Ambitious attitude and Innovative work culture is what had made Swapnica Exim Trading Solutions Private Limited a leading European manufacturer and importer of wooden doors and wardrobes imported from Proma, Spain, here in India. To build and maintain relationship and deliver products at decided time frame is key instruction that is followed at Swapnica Exim.

Founded in year 2010, Swapnica Exim Trading Solutions Private Limited is quiet young by age but the deeds speak a different story. The close association with PROMA Doors, Spain has been instrumental in taking Swapnica at the global level.

Art and design is the factor that differentiates Swapnica-Proma from the other producers. The colors, the build quality as well as the expert analysis make each product, be it windows or wardrobes, extremely likable and attractive.

Management Desk

Swapan Bose:

The CEO and Mentor of Swapnica Exim Trading Solutions Private Limited have led the organization to a reputed position in the global market with his 30 years of experience and vision to excel in this field. Extensive knowledge of pattern design and right eye to understand the business opportunity have made Swapan Bose's dream large and reputed in India. It is his constant efforts that Garments and Dying business is considered as one of the promising ventures by many entrepreneurs in the country.

"To take Swapnica Exim Trading Solutions Private Limited from India to global level" is the sole mission and dream of Mr. Swapan Bose.

Following to be added:

Monica Bose: Director

Priyanka Bose: Director


BS 476, IQ NET & PEFC.